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Friday, January 19, 2018

[BOIGRAPHY] Information About Artist Tharbs2

Nigerian music rapper & singer Teegold & hitman omoibile, is popularly known as Tharbs2,They are two brother’s singing together. Some information about Tharbs2 that you

might find interesting to know. Tharbs2 grew up in isolo, Lagos with 6 older siblings. There

home town is isolo in lagos state. They went to high que secondary school in isolo They study music in university of lagos (UNILAG). Now graduate as the best artist in nigeria if you wish to download or listen to one of there tracks or view there video’s on Google search Tharbs2 all songs & videos They are into the Nigerian music industry.

Tharbs2 is now knows as nigerian rapper & singer, There lyrics are majorly in his native

tongue (YORUBA & ENGLISH)Tharbs2 is talking about there major influences to music Tharbs2 said they owes a lot of gratitude to there producer UD. On there personal life, kindly follow artist on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @ Tharbs2

Best Quote: “Music is all we know & music is all we do.

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